About me

For me painting is a way to retain unique visions, the irresistible desire and need to fulfil creative curiosity. A special passion is evoked when new techniques are discovered and when new solutions are sought at the workshop level; that is what I have been exploring when studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław.

In my work, colour and texture are the most important. I create abstract compositions completely liberated from any association with an object. By combining colour with a variety of textures, I want to create a climate which allows the viewer to interpret freely what he can see. “It does not matter what you are looking at – what you can see is important”.

For me, the inspiration is the desire to be liberated from any scheme and to give my own dynamics to the environment. The dialogue with brush and canvas shows the strength and also subtlety of colours. My goal is to create paintings of high aesthetic value, suitable for adaptation in various interiors.

My work can be found in private and corporate collections. I cooperate with internet and stationary galleries and with interior designers.

I invite you to view my gallery.


Beata Trembecka z jednym ze swoich dzieł